Saturday, May 15, 2010

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

I've said I was going to start a blog for quite some time now.  So here it is:  Blog Number One!

The past two years have been filled with back to back transitions.  The circumstances of my life are bound to bring more at this point in time.  I have mixed feelings about it all, but as the Greek philosopher, Hippolytus, said:"Nothing endures but change."  What a paradox-- a bittersweet one at that.  I guess you can say that my game face is on.

I don't have a major concept or theme for this blog just yet.  You'll be sure to find recipes, as I've always loved food blogs,  I'm thinking you'll most likely see the recipes that make up my life, though the instructions will be far from exact-- a complete "no no" when it comes to baking.  Either way, some will triumph, some will fail, and others will need just a bit tweaking-- I'm all about tweaking nowadays.  You'll probably come across a couple of contradictions and inconsistencies here and there,  but who doesn't have those in their lives?

So here it goes!  Welcome to the canvas of my life-- messy yet predictable, far from complicated, anything but simple, realistic and always dreaming.

Out of a canvas full of touch ups, I dip my brush into what I've wept for